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We offer only Premium Shabu Shabu where you will be pampered with top grade :

Wagyu beef, you can judge by the marbling, meat color and brightness, firmness and texture of meat, color, luster and quality of fat.

Kurobuta, which means “black hog” in Japanese, comes from the Black Berkshire pig, and is known as the highest quality pork in the world. Due to its rich marbling, tenderness, and flavor, it’s often called the “Kobe beef of pork

Yasai Mori
Mixed Vegetable
US Short Ribs (美国无骨牛小排片)
US Short ribs
Sirloin Beef
Kurobuta Black Pork
Pork Collar
Pork Collar
Hotate Scallop
Tai Atama Snapper Head
Shake Atama
Salmon Head
Gohan Set
Rice, Egg, Nori, Spring Onion